Cosmos Sex Tips
Cosmos Sex Tip #4

COSMO SEX TIP: If your man’s into latex, melt down a couple tires and pour them over his naked screaming body

Cosmos Sex Tip #365

Remember boys, you’re not getting laid unless your penis looks like: 

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Cosmos Sex Tip #301

While having sex, whisper seductively into his ear ”Let me play the song of my people” and start to sing Oppa Gangnman style. 

Cosmos Sex Tips #999

Have sex with your gay lover at Chik Fil A

Cosmos Sex Tip #482

Use pages from the bible to wipe up the cum. 

cosmo sex tip: during anal whisper "lemme poop on ya dick lil daddy"

What no. What’s wrong with you

Cosmos Sex Tip #369

Turn off the lights so you won’t see the haters. 

Cosmos Sex Tip #760

Instead of moaning, moo. 

Cosmos Sex Tip #123

Right before you climax whisper sensually in his ear, “Strike Three.” Then chop off his balls.